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What Is Seo And How Seo Work?

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Search Engine Optimization

There are millions of websites in the world of the internet and the number of internet users is also in crores. When so many millions of websites remain on the internet, it is the most difficult task to run these millions of websites in the right way. If any website is popular then the biggest role is that  search engine optimization remains inside the website, search engine optimization is one such thing that can make your website popular.  Which can also increase the ranking of your website. The most important point inside search engine optimization is that the keyword that we speak without a classified identifier name. You cannot strengthen your search engine optimization without keywords if your search engine optimization and your keywords are not strong, then your website will be not able to rank well.

What is a keyword
 We call the keyword classified identifiers’ names in the technical field. Let us tell you that if any website is popular then by using strong and good keywords, search engine optimization of your website after analyzing the word of one, search engine optimization will detect that particular keyword and then your website starts appearing, if your keyword is strong and good, your keyword should be the same. Mostly Internet Users Search On The Basis Of  Keywords. For example, by smartphone, and by android phones are two keywords. If there are 100 searches per month on a smartphone and 2000 searches on a by android phone, then your priority should be in 2000.  By android phone will be considered your good and strong keyword so keywords are the game-changer in the website.

What is On Page SEO and off Page SEO On-Page SEO tells the content of your website according to how you have entered the content of your website, whether the content of your website has been entered correctly so that the on-page SEO. For example, digital marketing should be taken. If you have created content on digital marketing and the content has not been told correctly, the heading of the content is not using the image of the pic is not attractive the internet user will come to your website and but he/she will not be able to understand your content so that  Your website ranking will also decline and your website will not be able to crawl on the Google search engine. This is also the second reason. Off-Page SEO This is very important for any website. On this website, we can give internal links and external links. Search Engine submission website which is you can post the content then you can generate a backlink by writing your content. Bank link is very important.  The strength of the website is known only through the best, but the most benefit in this is only when the other website gives the reference link to your website. Another website of the Internet user is directed to come to your website


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